Aeromodelling And Hobby Shops

If we want to fly whether rc airplane or rc helicopter, we must check all the equipment will use. this is very important thing to do, because a little thing is bad can do some thing that not be wanted. always listen to the other aeromodeller, because they are more experience with it.

If we fly rc model aircraft, it is very important to check the frequency first. Because the rc model is controlled by use the radio frequency, if there are crash in it, your rc model can't fly by your control,so be carefull to do it first.
The preparing is must to do in all the model planes before flying. If you will fly glider planes or rc planes, you must always doing some check in it. Here some article for aeromodeller
And in fact you are crash, you need to repair it, so you must know where plance to find the sparepart if your model need, you must go to the hobby shops of course and Here some local hobby shops :

1. Aeroflyhobbies
2. Surabayahobby

And if you want more, you can visit here

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