JBA RC Airplanes Engine

We all know that JBA (Jiangnan Engine Company) engine was made in China. This is a kind of great engine for your rc model planes. I'm agree that there are some advantage and disadvantage about this engine, there are some opinion about this engine, and the common i know is "why this engine take more difficult to start?"
Jiangnan has been manufacturing engines for a long time for other brand name engines. By Cutting out the middleman it allows you the highest quality product at a price that can not be matched. State of the art machine shop and foundry allow for some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. These engines offer High quality, high performance, low prices and 1st class support.
I think maybe there are more problem or issue about this engine, so i think i want to serve some information about this engine,due to all rc maniac can have more information about this engine, just follow this links,there are:
1. Youtube video on JBA engine
2. RC with JBA 52 engine
3.JBA .56 ABC Glow Engine Review
4. Very cool informations, on
5. Start JBA
6. JBA .52 part two




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