Simple Guide how to Choosing A Good Helicopter

Well, this is the question. On the one hand, low-cost power is difficult to fly helicopters in the wind. You buy a good one about 200 U.S. dollars. The protein is the most easy to learn, compared with the flight, CP and the equivalent, but all helicopters, fuel or electricity, it is difficult to teach you to fly. Is there a good chance for you to break in many parts of the learning process, the most likely to give after too many fixed-term practice and / or containers with money in the learning process. You hate to stop, but the reality is reinforced helicopter.

People seem to think that because the helicopter is a cheap electricity and that makes it easier for people to learn how to fly. I have trained 300 people to things on the fly helicopters hover over the past few years, I know that the fact that it is the safest, most suitable and cheapest way to learn.

Fuel-powered helicopter is difficult to understand and hovering flight, small electric helicopters and harder to slim worse. You have a large open space around the ground, and even then, you will break something. This is an unfortunate that you will notice that after you have a lot of money in your helicopter and replacement parts.

If you have not tried to create a new and / or different types of glow plug-ins. This is perhaps a hole in your fuel in the fuel tank in the line is connected to the metal recovery. This will lead to their booths, fuel tank is half empty. Engine overheating may be due to poor harvests caused by the mixture of fuel may be divided. There are a lot depends on the electric helicopters do you think it is too expensive.

Save your 100 U.S. dollars because the purchase of these helicopters will be a total waste of money. As the proverb says: you only get what you pay for. The Asean Regional Forum as the least expensive electrical appliances. You must have a suitable aircraft coach, as well as any fighter reinforced concrete is much more than the beginners.

Learning aircraft is reinforced concrete things, it is possible to understand their own country, but certainly not the proposal. If you have a chance to find a club or experienced flight let you fly a good coach, and you'll see that I am talking about. I think the collective helicopters fly more easily than regular cast helicopter. You are correct by the Commissioner of Police. Small electric helicopters, in most cases it is difficult to fuel power than the helicopter flight.

There are several people who are regarded as the invention of the helicopter. I can write a book, it is in the details, but I will pay for a couple of the main contributors to the development of rotary wing aircraft. Ancient Chinese invented a kind of toys you can still see today. It consists of a shaft and through the middle. If you spin in your hands quickly or with a number of other forces, such as the rubber band so it can hover in the short and return to the ground before.

The first recorded manned helicopters can be portrayed in the mapping of the Da Vinci 1400s. In physics knowledge needed to build a successful working model yet, but he understands the concept of "aerial screw" If we fast enough will be able to machines and a pilot in the air.

In recent centuries in the future many other people playing with the idea of a helicopter, but the same amount of power needed for this machine in the air is impossible to produce. The invention of the internal combustion engine powered the requirements of becoming a reality. In the next obstacle to be overcome in the design of the torque - the phenomenon that leads to the human body to rotate in the opposite direction of the main rotor helicopter.

Paul found the corner of a helicopter pilot in 1907, but it's not a successful design. It is not only to generate sufficient improvement of approximately 7 seconds. Another Frenchman, Etienne Oehmichen driving tasks and the creation of a helicopter at about 1 km in 1924.

Already in 1910, the Russian-born Igor Sikorsky started the company's commitment to the development of manned helicopters. Until 1940, his design has become a model for all of the modern helicopter. It consists of a rotor and tail rotor to compensate for the torque generated by the main rotor. The draft is still in use today, the vast majority of the helicopter, and that is why Sikorsky is considered the father of the modern helicopter.

There are many other men who contribute to the development of rotary wing aviation - too many lists, but a thorough search of the library and / or the Internet can you tons of in-depth development and design of all the different types of helicopters.

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