AT-6-46 Army Navy RC Airplanes Buying Tips

rc airplanesYou can buy AT-6-46 Army Navy RC Airplanes in ARF(Almost Ready To Fly). This is a big Nitro Gas RC Airplane.
Features :
- Easy-to-assemble ARF delivers smooth, solid aerobatic performance with striking scale looks
- Includes hardware and a step-by-step,
- photo illustrated instruction manual.
- Comes with all hardware and accessories


  • Wing Span: 60.7 in / 1540 mm
  • Wing Area: 561 sq in / 36.25 sq dm
  • Flying Weight: 6.4 lbs / 2900 g
  • Fuselage Length: 44.1 in / 1120 mm
  • Engine Required: 2c 0.46 cu in,4c 0.70 cu in
  • Radio Required: 4 channels, 5 servos
If you want to Buy the ARF AT-6-46 Army Navy RC Airplanes, one must you consider is the price, it's about $200-$300, but you can get it only $143.97 in i make this articles at July-18-2009). You can looks fore more informations ASAP. Happy buying rc airplanes, Thank you

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