EXI Radio Remote Control RC Aluminum/Plastic TREX 450 Type 3D ARF Helicopter

EXI Aluminium for trex 450 modelFor your rc helicopter
A great 450 bash kit w/ 100% part compatiable with Align 450. High Quality "Zoom-type" 3D Helicopter - is based on popular Trex 450 model and a miniature electric-powered helicopter which boasts all the performance and flight handling of much larger models. It is controlled using collective pitch and a Bell/Hiller main rotor mixer linkage.
The helicopter is composed of aluminum and plastic parts. With intensive machinery and art work of the parts, this helicopter is extremely light-weight even though it consists of massive aluminum components. It is simply the best 450 release in the world. Most of the parts are compatible with the ALIGN TREX 450 model helicopter.
Key Features
* Extreme 3D capability right out of the box
* 95% factory-assembled
* Direct-to-swash CCPM linkages
* Stacked aluminum frames
* Aluminum and composite swashplate
* Tail servo boom mount
* Stainless steel tail rotor hub
* Belt-driven tail rotor
* 325mm PRO symmetrical plastic main blades
* Auto-rotation system
* Gun-metal gray aluminum head block
* Gun-metal gray aluminum skids and tail boom


The EXI 450 uses a combination of tough, lightweight aluminum and updated composite parts and is designed and equipped to be capable of the most extreme 3D maneuvers right out of the box. And since it’s 95% assembled, you can have it flying in just a few hours.

* Main Rotor Diameter:27.6 in (700mm)
* Tail Rotor Diameter:5.9 in (150mm)
* Gross Weight:22–24 oz (620–680 g)
* Length:25.6 in (650mm)
* Kit/ARF

I think this is one of great choise for your rc helicopter. More



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