RC Helicopter Gyro Review

RC Helicopter Gyro

RC Helicopter gyro has made flying rc helicopter more easier. The rc helicopter gyroscope is an electric device that is made so that the body of the rc helicopter can revolve around it's axis. We will talk about some rc helicopter gyro product review and how t setup rc helicopter gyro.

How Does An RC Helicopter Gyro Work

You can find radio controlled helicopter gyroscope is fitted between the rear rotor and the receiver. The gyro is able to sense any chance in the rotation movement and atones the force switching the angle of the rotor, thus creating a force in the opposite location nullifying the effect.

RC Helicopter Gyro Reviews

* Robbe - Micro Gyro G 200
Technical Features:
Dimensions 27x27x13 mm
Operating voltage 3-8 V
Weight 20 g

Small and economical gyro system for helicopters and model aircraft.
Installation for the stabilization of the functions of the tail rotor helicopters or any function in model airplanes when guided by a servant. The Piezo sensor has a sensitivity much greater than can recognize the smallest movements of the model and may correct immediately.
A link with a fast servo also leads to a stabilization very good.
Much better dispersion of false signals, which is characteristic of the sensor Piezo prevents a premature rise in the control loop so that they can develop a greater stabilizing effect than mechanical gyro system.
By means of a potentiometer sensitivity of the gyroscope is continuously adjustable from 0-100%. The size of construction and low weight make it ideal for mini electric rc helicopters

RC Helicopter Gyro Setup Video

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Will a head lock gyro work for a heli that doesn't a servo for the tail rotor. A Electronical controled rear motor? Fixed pitch rotor blade...

August 15, 2010 at 3:56 PM  

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