Bladez3D RC Helicopter Outdoor 360

RC Helicopter Outdoor - Bladez3D 360Introduce the Bladez3D RC Helicopter Outdoor 360.This is rc helicopter outdoor flying and designed to give RC helicopter pilots a ready to fly experience just like no other and is factory built. Here is a amazing rc helicopter that takes flying fun to another level.

Bladez3D RC Helicopter Outdoor 360 Features :

- Intelligent RC System
- Full Scale RC
- 360degree Precise Directional Movement
- Smooth Hovering Performance
- Long Battery Life
- Energy Saving Power Cut-Off

This rc helicopter can fly just about anywhere, anytime, equiped with innovative radio system that can avoids interference with other RC flyer. Fully capable of outdoor flight in still air or even light winds, The rc helicopter Outdoor 360 is also suitable for indoor flight too.

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