RC PLANE CAMERA - want to buy rc planes with cameras for your rc planes? In this article we will talk about rc plane camera with affordable price and specs you can consider. This guide is important if you are serious to adapt the new camera technology in your remote control plane.

First you need to have rc plane models. Then you must know how to fly it. The next thing is buy rc plane camera. So how to use rc plane camera in your rc planes? This is actually simple answer, just mount the rc plane camera on your rc planes body...just it.

RC planes camera is just like rc helicopter camera, both can be used to aerial photography, and i think this is mostly used. The camera is allow you to watch arround as the rc model fly.

Where to get rc plane camera for your rc model ?
  • CVQX-G234 RC plane camera : you get it on
  • FlyCamOne2 Micro Video Camera :more about this camera, visite
Have you ever see camera phone video for rc plane? watch this video:
RC plane camera phone video

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