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Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang PTS PTS stands for Progressive Trainer System—groundbreak-ing new technology that allows pilots to progress from learning to fly to performing sport aerobatics without having to upgrade or buy a new airplane. Clear plastic NACA droops attach to the outer edges of the wing, providing beginners with extra stability during training and manipulating the stock airfoil to produce added lift. The fixed landing gear features a special speed brake system that keeps the flying speed down, making the Mustang easy to handle. 2-position flaps add drag, and can be later upgraded to functioning flaps by adding a servo.

Once the pilot has mastered the basics of RC flight, he can quickly and easily remove the droops and speed brakes, instantly transforming the ready-to-fly trainer into a smooth-flying sport plane able to fly a variety of aerobatics such as loops, spins and snap rolls.

Hangar 9 has provided this beautiful .40-size P-51 Mustang with everything a beginner needs to start flying immediately, including JR's XF421EX 5-channel computer radio system and Evolution Engines' no-fuss Trainer Power System, ready to start right from the box with no tuning or lengthy break-in period necessary.

  • Ready to fly right from the box
  • Progressive design allows smooth advancement to the next level of RC flight
  • Removable plastic NACA droops for extra stabilization
  • 2-position flaps that can be upgraded to fully functional status
  • Fixed landing gear and removable speed brake system
  • JR XF421EX 5-channel computer radio system
  • Evolution Engines Trainer Power System
  • Instructional DVD, TrainerLink and Machine WorksSM Cockpit Master Hangar 9 Flight Training Software Edition included
  • Covered in exclusive Hangar 9 UltraCote
  • The wing and tail sections bolt and slide together easily for convenient transport and storage

Wing Span: 58.25 in
Overall Length: 50 in
Wing Area: 627 sq in
Flying Weight: 6.5 - 7.0 lb

Price: $399.99


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