The LA 40 series

The standard in sport engine technology, in a unique streamlined design

  • More cooling fin area extends the life of the engine, and virtually eliminates engine seizures in the air
  • Added "webbing" on the crankcase strengthens high-stress areas to help ensure that they stand up to the rigors of learning to fly
    O.S. 2-Year Warranty icon
  • Overall tighter needle valve fit utilizes an "O" ring to help maintain the performance levels you need

  • A fuel inlet that points up allows for easier fuel line access for fueling and defueling

  • 15, 40 & 46LA are also available in natural gray color (OSMG0016, OSMG0041, OSMG0047)

  • All, except OSMG0040, include a glow plug

  • The OS engine is very popular in the rc model class. Especially is LA series, in this article i will try to explain about the engine. For some condition we can try to use the OS engine manufacture with LA series 40, this meant that the engine volume is about 6cc. With this engine volume, it's very good to used as trainer rc model airplanes. With using about 150 cm in span, the flying will be good and fun, i meant that just like a normal flight.



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