My First RC Planes

I used small electric rc model planes for my fist flight in the real world. I 'm actually fly by using flight model simulator too for just make more comfortable if i were use the real one. I have some free simulator, i get it frm the internet for free. But if you like to get the most recommend by most rc flyer, i suggest you to read my older post in rc simulator G4.

My first flight was very interesting, i fly with my friends as instructor. I was fly RC WING Dragon that powered by electric motor 400. That was very amazing flight for me, i fly very high and more high, anda at the top level i just glide it with very small trottle.
My other friend told me that flying using WING Dragon is very good for beginner, but there are some weakness, that is the default battery is not live longer, so you might to get the lippo battery, and for more power, just change the motor by brushless..



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