What is a decent rc helicopter for a beginner?

Is Blade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial good for that and if not what is a good one? Also when I'm buying a rc heli for a first time what are the things I should look for? And what's the price range for such helicopters? Though I'm a beginner I'd like to have a rc helicopter with lots of capabilities. So please give me good ones.

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  1. They're harder than Chinese arithmatic to fly. I'm in the same boat. I went to Radio Shack and bought a three channel, called the Mosquito. Crashing one is almost a sure bet. This way I learn, have fun, and only in the hole about $60 when I trash it, by accident. It accends, goes forwards and backwards, left, right, etc. Check out the Shack for one before you loose big bucks.
  2. Axe ez available at most hobby towns
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  4. It is good for a beginner but not much else. The counter-rotating blades make it easier to fly than any other heli. But that is also a problem when you want a new heli.(And trust me you will want a bigger, faster, cooler 3D heli, it's the nature of the hobby.) No other heli's use a counter-rotating setup instead they use a main and tail rotar so you'll have to learn that. Get the Blade cp and use the training gear. Then you'll be able to move up to bigger heli's. Don't worry about crashing it's pretty durable and everyone crashes now and then.
  5. Hello, you are in luck, I am a RC helicopter Pilot. Unless you are familiar with the controls with a RC helicopter that mimics the functions of a full scale helicopter, I suggest you get something else. The Blade CX/2 has Counter Rotating Blades that only helps the helicopter center it if you move left, right, forwards or backwards. However I don't suggest it if youre a beginner that just started. Air Hogs has come out with an awesome line of helicopter products. The helicopter Havoc is great to test, but it only has 2 channels. Up, Down, Rotate Left and Right. The Air Hogs Helix/Reflex is also great. It has counter rotating blades, and it could go up, down, rotate right and left, and even forwards and backwards. I highly suggest this if its your first time with helicopters. Simulators are only for the actualy full scale helicopters, so I wouldnt suggest that yet until you feel confident later on. I have bought lots of these RC aircrafts and I must say, you should get the Air Hogs Havoc or Reflex/Helix (both are same) and then go with the E-Flite's Blade CX/2 (CX2 only has better transmitter.) After that, if you want to go further, you could go with the Blade CP or buy a simulator to fly around. (simulator is optional if you dont feel confident) Hope my information helpped, but if it didnt, please feel free to contact me for all your RC needs.
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