Electric RC Airplanes-RC Airbus 3000 Twin Engine Airplane RTF

rc airbuss 3000This is my first electric rc airplanes with twin engine(Nexus). It powered with brushed electric motor + gear box. This is my first electric rc before i knew the Wing Dragon. The Airbuss 3000 come with hard foam for fuselage and i think almost of entire model made from foam and covered with thin hard plastic for the wing,fin and the stabilizer. My advice is never take off this rc in grass because this haven't enough power to lift, i usually take off this electric rc by hand launch...and so far is good.

Product Details
*Full Function Radio Control
*Fly Over 150 Meter High
*2 Speed Selectable Control
*Altitude & Rotor Speed Control
*Detailed Exterior
*Flight Stabilizing System
*Brake for Easy Landing
*2 Power Electric Motors
*6V-300mAh Rechargeable Battery
*Wingspan: 29.5"
*Length: 24.5"
*Height: 6.5"
*Weight: 1750g
*Partially Assembled
*Flying Time:10-15 minutes
*Molded Plastic & Foam Constructed

Each Package Comes Complete With:
*1 Complete RC Airplane
*2 Channel Remote Controller
*6V Rechargeable Battery Pack
*A/C Adapter
*2 Spares Propellers
electric rc airplanes-airbuss 3000
The power is good to make this rc fly in the air. My experience when flying this rc is very impressive. I learn how to control this rc only by the electric motor(because it has no servo)...i think this is more difficult one at first..but i begin to adapt with this until my next fly in another place. This is the first and the last place for my rc. This is because i can fly this rc for more longer in time than before but in the end i stumble my rc for the high tree..that is very bad..bad crash...and i can't fly this rc again next.
If you want to buy this rc, just go to, because you can get it for only $35.00. This is cheaper than in another place, because the price $39.00

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