Trex 600 RC Helicopter Airwolf

Trex 600 RC Helicopter Airwolf

This is trex 600 rc helicopter. The owner make it as Trex 600 RC Helicopter Airwolf. I think this is great Airwolf helicopter replica too. When i post this rc video, it has about 212,220 views and about 203 comments in youtube.

About Trex 600 RC Helicopter Airwolf

This is Trex 600 electric rc helicopter kit. Can be purchased at most R/C hobby stores or ebay. The Airwolf fuselage can be purchased from centuryheliDOTcom. For electronics, I have 3 futaba 9252 servos on the collective. Futaba GY401 gyro and 9254 servo on the tail.

For power, I am using a Rhino 6 cell 4900 mah LiPo battery and a Thunder Power 2 cell 2100 mah LiPo battery. Align carbon fiber main and tail blades. Upgraded aluminum main blade holders. Was using a Spectrum DX7 and AR7000 receiver at the time of video. We estimated total cost was about $2500 usd and about 100 hours of build and set-up time. There was alot of beer involved!

Trex 600 RC Helicopter Airwolf Comments

  • it can 3d its a t-rex 600 man awsome for 3d ,, its just a fuselarge on or
  • YOUR AIRWOLF is very very nice
    a frenchy
  • may i have one of those airwolf 600 PLZZ. LOL

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