Dragonfly RC Helicopter - Fly The Dragonfly Helicopter

Want to buy Dragonfly RC Helicopter, wanto to fly dragonfly rc helicopter ? Know more about dragonfly helicopter. In this article we will talk about dragonfly rc helicopter such as dragonfly rc helicopter video and about dragonfly rc helicopter parts, so you must read it first before you buy this rc helicopter.

Fly Dragonfly RC Helicopter Video 1

Fly Dragonfly RC Helicopter Video 2

Some Dragonfly RC Helicopter Models

The Dragonfly RC helicopter can move Up, Down, Left & Right. The RC Helicopter features Proportional Control, Altitude & Rotor Speed Control, flight stabilizing system, & lightweight airframe. This Dragonfly RC Helicopter comes with radio remote controller and everything that needs to fly!

Electric rc helicopter is composed of two major mechanical structures (the airframe, drive motor, linkage, main rotary wing, etc.) Like modern helicopter, it can ascend, hover, yaw to the left and right, go forward. The DragonFly rc helicopter is pre-assembled and 100% ready to fly. Simply just charge the battery for 30~45min to start flying.
Product Features:

* Durable body structure
* Length: 598mm, width: 160mm, Height: 168mm
* Goes forward, left, right and hovers
* Pre-assembled and ready to fly
* Rechargeable battery 7.2v included with charger
* Radio controller (included)
* Two rotors with main and tail
* Flying distance 100meter plus
* 27mhz or 49mhz

Dragonfly RC Helicopter Parts

Here are some dragonfly rc helicopter parts list, especially for Syma 9093 /900B Dragonfly Helicopter:
  • Landing Gear
  • Main Frame
  • Canopy
  • Tail boom and Tail Motor
  • Tail Rotor
  • Balance Bar



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