Mini RC Helicopter Airwolf

mini rc helicopter airwolf imageHave you know about Mini RC Helicopter Airwolf ? This is 3CH Mini RC Helicopter -BLACK Wolf Super Model OX-Wolf R/c Helicopter Team RC. The new designed super strong crash worthy propeller * Altitude and rotor speed control *. You can perform some great movement such as Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands.

Mini RC Helicopter Airwolf Review

This mini rc helicopter has Flight stabilizing system Super lightweight airframe Brake for easy landing Up to 60m (200 ft) radius range, Length: 7.8" Width: 3.46" Height: 6.61" that can Flies over 60ft. high * 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor.

Mini Remote Control 3 Channel 2009 Black Ox-Wolf Super Model R/C Helicopter by Team RC- Amazing Flight control and speed! This is the Latest 2008/9 Black Wolf Super model R/C Helicopter. Flies stably and silently indoors and outdoors alike. Includes a li-poly battery and charger that are built into the controller for quick charge time of only 20 minutes and offers flight times of over 10 minutes! Runs on only 8 AA batteries and the chopper has it's own built in battery for use after use of fun. Complete set, ready to fly. Only requires 8 AA Batteries for the transmitter. A great gift for your friend and yourself ! Order it today.

More Mini RC Helicopter Airwolf Features:
* Full function 3 channel radio control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands)
* Real life helicopter styling
* 3 channel digital proportional control
* Flies over 60ft. high
* 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor
* Newly designed super strong crash worthy propeller
* Altitude and rotor speed control
* Flight stabilizing system
* Super lightweight airframe
* Brake for easy landing
* Up to 60ft flying radius control range
* Ready To Fly, Easy To Fly
* Length: 7.8 " , Width: 3.46 " , Height: 6.61 "
* Charge time: 20mins
* Play time: 10mins
* 1 Complete RC helicopter
* 1 Remote controller unit A/C Power up-charger is NOT and option in the USA. It is not compatible with this item and is not available anywhere.

This a great review about this mini rc helicopter : This little helicopter is a lot of fun! I'm quite happy with it. In the first day, I learned to fly it well enough to land it on my kitchen counter, and even fly it to myself and catch it in my hand. My only experience with RC aircraft is flying an RC plane simulator on my PC. The helicopter keeps itself level automatically. You have to concentrate only on keeping it facing the way you want, and maintaining altitude. It's challenging enough to fly to keep it interesting, but easy enough to enjoy it on the first day. My only criticism is the manual. It provides little useful advice and is an awful translation.

In contradiction to what the description says, it takes 24 minutes for the remote to charge the helicopter. This provides 7 minutes of flight time. It doesn't seem to matter whether you use alkaline (1.5v) or rechargeable (1.2v) batteries in the remote.

I have a few pieces of advice to help you enjoy it:

1. When you first start learning to fly it, keep it within 2 feet of the floor. If it gets too near the walls or furniture, just cut the power and let it drop. It won't be damaged by a 2 foot drop to a flat surface. If you're giving it to a child, be sure to make them follow this rule at first, otherwise it will end up broken by the end of the first day.

2. When you first fly it, get it a foot in the air and adjust the trim dial on the remote to stop it from rotating. The trim varies as the battery discharges, so expect to have to hold in rotation corrections most of the time.

3. Outdoor flying is possible, but be aware of two things. First, since it's IR, in daylight you'll need to learn to keep the remote pointed at the helicopter. Second, the slightest breath of wind will overwhelm it and make it move horizontally out of your control.

4. As someone else wrote, attaching a small weight to the nose allows it to go faster forward which is more fun. Even with this, it only goes one to two feet per second. It can actually go faster straight up.

5. Sudden control movements can cause erratic behavior, but if you move the controls gradually, it's quite consistent and controllable.

6. Changes in power to make it go up and down can affect its rotation, and making it move forward and backward can affect its altitude. But you can learn to anticipate these effects and compensate before they even happen.

7. The transmitter has 3 channels, but the manual doesn't explain how to change them. You set the channel switch, then turn on the helicopter, then turn on the transmitter. The helicopter automatically sets itself for whatever channel it receives. Flying three of these together would be wild!

If you want to buy this mini rc helicopter, amazon is a great place, just search for
Mini Remote Control 3 Channel -BLACK Wolf Super Model OX-Wolf R/c Helicopter Team RC. When i post this article, the mini rc helicopter Price is about $22.25.

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