Turbine rc helicopter

turbine rc helicopter
Do you know the weight of a little turbine rc helicopter is only in at 46 oz (1320g) and produces almost 7 hp (6.8 to be exact) at the output shaft. One of the example is the MW 44. The turbine rc helicopter engine MW54 2-stage engine is actually slightly less expensive then the new MW44 2-stage, this is because the tighter tolerances required in the smaller turbine which make it harder to build.
MW44 Engine Specs
  • Power: 5KW (6.8hp)
  • Diameter: 86mm (core engine)
  • Length: 305mm (12in)
  • Engine Weight: 1320g (46oz)
  • Ancillaries Weight: 250g (8.5oz)
  • Gearbox RPM range: 4000-15000 RPM
  • Full Auto Start System Included
Cost savings come into play with the MW44 turbine rc helicopter engine however since it can be paired with smaller birds such as 90 size nitros or 700 size electrics saving money not only up front on the mechanics, but on operating costs and parts costs too. The MW44 turbine engine gearbox is actually configured to fit onto a standard OS 90 engine mount. This is the main reason the MW44 2-stage is one of the most talked about and in demand rc helicopter turbines on the market right now.



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