Largest Coaxial RC Helicopter

Do you know about the Largest Coaxial RC Helicopter? Recently i found a great discussion about Largest Coaxial RC Helicopter. Not talk about the large anymore, but the largest one. I think you should know too about Largest Coaxial RC Helicopter. Maybe a big coxial rc helicopter would be. Do you want to know more about this rc helicopter?

I think this is a great project of making a big coaxial rc helicopter, so it would be larget coaxial rc helicopter. This is something rare can be found that flying large coaxial rc helicopter. The ordinary coaxial rc helicopter has mini size and have dual rotor blade.

Maybe now, there are a good manufacture that made this great rc helicopter. Ok, about the discussion about Largest Coaxial RC Helicopter. I found this great informations at this group:

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