Why RC Helicopter Spinning In Circles?

Get this problem with your rc helicopter: Why RC Helicopter Spinning In Circles? The spinning rc helicopter in circles commonly faced by single rotor blade with tail rotor. This type rc helicopter coordinated by gyro. The rc helicopter gyro will keep the helicopter fly straight, so you can control the flying direction easily.

What caused by : Why RC Helicopter Spinning In Circles?
The answer is maybe you have a bad gyro coordinations. If the gyro system doesn't work correctly, you will get the rc helicopter spinning. Make sure your have a good gyro conditions first. In normal condition, the gyro will make your tail rotor spin faster as the rc helicopter twist.

The simple way to clear this problem come into these steps:
  • Make sure your tail rotor spin normally and have a good connection, such as pitched correctly.
  • Check your tail rotor motor, make sure it works
  • Check your radio transmitter too, this is because you control the gyro through the radio, such as when you move the stick left or right and watch the response at the helicopter.
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