Turbine Powered RC Jet - Full 3D LAVI Fighter

Turbine Powered RC Je ImagesThis is great full 3D LAVI fighter - the Turbine Powered RC Jet - Full 3D LAVI Fighter. You like 3D jet planes in action? You should watch this video. This is full 3D jet planes flight. Looks how this amazing 3D jet planes in flight.

RC Jet - Full 3D LAVI Fighter, Turbine Powered. Crazy!

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This is a Full 3D flight. This exact aircraft is the Israeli LAVI, which was later copied by the Chinese and called the JC-10. There have been many opinions as to what this plane is, so I have now stated exactly what it is, so there can be no confusion. 200 Stars for holy crap, since it also has thrust vectoring!

The R/C LAVI you see here is manufactured by JD Enterprises and the pilot modified the intake and added a red star to make it look like a J-10.

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