Gaui X5 RC Helicopter Flying

Gaui X5 Flying By Justin Jee ImagesThis is Gaui X5 RC Helicopter Flying by 8 years kids. It was Justin Jee who flying his gaui x5 helicopter. I was amazed when watch this video, this is because the 8 years old can fly rc helicopter in advanced helicopter flying. He is able to flying his gaui x5 in cool advanced flying. I think it is amazing video, you will watch how he flying the gaui x5 electric helicopter.

8 Year Old Justin Jee - Gaui X5 RC Heli Flying - 2010-08-28

The Helicopter Spec:

Heli: Gaui X5
Rotors: Gaui 500mm
Motor: Gaui/Scorpion 910kv/1820w motor
ESC: Castle ICE 75, BEC
Radio: Hitec Aurora 9 / Optima 6
Cyclic: Hitec HS5996TG
Gyro: LogicTech 6100T
Battery: TP 6s3800 45C

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