9 Rule Thumb RC Helicopter Tips

RC Helicopter Rule Thumb TipsThe 9 Rule Thumb RC Helicopter Tips. here are some rule thumb tips that very important for you. There are alot of rc helicopter flyer don't realize about rc helicopter. The better way is follow the rc heli manual and flying safety first. Just make sure you know about the tips in this article for more info.

Due to the tremendous amount of requests for my 9 Helicopter Flying tips and rules of thumb, I decided to present them this way.
*1. Never EVER let your friends fly YOUR models! It is always better to GET AN INSTRUCTOR for those first flights! They can tell if problems are you or the heli! Beginners can't tell! This is your best chance to not damage your heli. Most hobby stores know of clubs, so dont be afraid to ask for help.

#2. NEVER ever watch the tail rotor! Only watch the nose.

#3. DO not attempt nose in yet, (no matter what your friends EGG you on to do) . And DON'T let people watch you when you're learning.
They cause more crashes, because they always "egg" you on and you feel pressured to fly for them.
You see 4 of the controls are BACKWARDS in nose in. It will come naturally later on, so don't worry about it now.

#4. Never fly AWAY until you can hover, cause you will never get it back without crashing.
Those First landings are always expensive if you're IMPATIENT and you decide to fly away anyway!

#5. Always practice hovering at eye level. Lower is more difficult in ground effect.

#6. Get used to Pinching the left and most important stick (3 controls) with index finger and thumb. To be good at 3d, you cant let that thumb escape for a second, as any pro will tell you. It will pay off later, especially if you fly with gloves on, like we do in the Midwest..

37. Never CHOP the throttle stick off. It must go down GENTLY or the blades will hit the tail boom, when the skids slam down on the ground and the blades keep going down.

#8. Remember what your last move was when flying, so when you get lost, just keep going through the motions (pretending to see it, till you see it again)

#9. ONLY fly as far away as you can comfortably see your heli and no more.

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