Tips To Buy Your Radio Control Part

Here is some tips that may help you to find out the place where to find the rc parts and accessoris for your rc models. If you want to make some new airplane models, you should know where the shop to find the thing we want. of course you don't go to the cloth market, you must go to the hobby shop.
here some hobby shop, and maybe near from your place :

1. Tower Hobbies
2. W-hobby

If you don't find that hobby shops, you can visit my other article about rc hobby shop
After you know where the place to find some material to build your model aircraft, you must keep that address to your book diary, so you can find that shop again inthe next time, and you wouldn't be amusing to search again if you want it some day. You must know too about the seller. It's very important because if some day you get a little amuse with one thing from your plane that you want to buy, but you don't know what is that thing name is, you can tell every thing you know to the shop keeper without affraid if you will don't find that thing in that place, i mean that you just tell a lot and every thing to the shop keeper but at the last you don't find the thing you looking for in that place, It's out more energy, isn't it?, or you will be get some not good attitude from the shop keeper, maybe you make the shop keeper angry because you only talk too much and you don't buy anything in that hobby shop. So keep a good manner to more close to the shop keeper, and maybe because that you will get some thing good.

For example, your rc model planes are in broke condition, i mean maybe some day your rc plane model is crash, and you will chance some part of it, so you go to the hobby shop. You actually don't know what name is that part. If you have a good relationship with the shop keeper, he or she will help you to know what the part name and if he or she have it, he or she will give that to you ( just buy it) or maybe that part are not any stock in that hobby shop, maybe you will get some extra servise by the shop keeper. Maybe he or she will search your rc model plane part for you ( it's some extra service, you know!) , not all hobby shop will do it for you. Have agood chance and good luck

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