Fun Fly With RC Airplanes

It's interesting doing funfly with rc airplanes. Many rc airplanes pilot come from any places just doing fun fly together in a rc gathering. The rc airplanes model are miniature replicas of various planes. It's usually in the holliday, so it's very crowded. We meet with many rc airplane flying clubs have been set up almost all around the world, that from years-to years the members are growing rapidly. This rc event are arrange by the assotiations for weekly. The members usually flying together with their airplanes to fly in the sky.

At the gathering, there are a competitions often. They usually fly their rc airplanes model one by one to display their maneuvers ability and their flying skills. There are combaat flying too, two rc airplanes are flying together and it's carrying a streamer each. They trying to cut the opponent streamer with their propellers or any rc airplanes sections inorder to cut their opponent streamer. They flying in certain flying zone, so they must be make it sure. The winner is the model that stiil have long streamer, so when they landing, the judge will check the streamer and the longer length of streamer are judged as the winner.

They usually build their rc airplanes, but there are just make it from ARF rc model. Most of rc planes are available in hobby store and you can purchase it. But if you don't have any experience to build your own rc planes, you can buy RTF model, you just need to install such as the battery,receiver,plug some connectors and done.



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