Ask About RC Helicopters?

All we know that there are a huge of people that love to fly rc helicopter. I think they are curious about flying a rc helicopter. So i write this is article about rc helicopters. In this article you will find some answers about some questions on rc helicopters. So this is why this rc helicopters title is " Ask about RC Helicopters?"
Not like rc airplanes, rc helicopter have a propeller too, but where rc helicopter's propeller are?
and how many propeller rc helicopter have? - there fixed pitch rc helicopter too.
Rc helicopter have two propeller and it called rotor, a single main rotor and a tail rotor. RC helicopter have more than one rotor because rotor generates lift. The main rotor is the main lift producer and the tail rotor used to stabilize the rc helicopter from spinning around. When rc helicopter get off the ground, it called hover. The hover is a stable flight in certain high without any bank or spinning. The main rotor will produce a lift in order rc helicopter can maintain the high and the tail rotor will keep the rc helicopter in that possition.

So what should i choose, rc helicopters or rc airplanes?
The only different about both rc model is that rc airplanes need a runway to take off but rc helicopter don't need that. Rc helicopter can land in a small areas than rc airplanes.



I wanna ask something...I have a micro helicopter, 2 channel, I'm a Beginner...the helicopter fly spinning to the left, I can't fix by pressing trim control to the right... still fly spinning...How can I fix it ?
Thank you...

November 7, 2010 at 12:23 AM  

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