Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter

walkera fixed pitch rc helicopter imageFixed Pitch RC Helicopter is the higher level after coaxials rc helicopter. Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter known as FP rc helicopter too. The FP rc helicopter model have been so popular for rc helicopter beginner. I think this is good as beginner rc helicopter flying tips. Walkera FP(left) rc helicopter is one of it. Why FP rc helicopter have been very popular for rc helicopter beginner?

The answer about why fixed pitch(fp) rc helicopter have been very popular is because Fixed pitch RC helicopters are a great way to start flying rc helicopters and of their simple controls. The rotors on an RC helicopter are like like the wings on a rc planes, so the simplest way to increase lift is to make them spin faster. This will make the rc helicopter travel upwards. Likewise, when we want the rc helicopter to descend, the speed of the rotors is decreased.

If still confuse about fixed pitch rc helicopter, just simply consider about a fixed wing rc aircraft. Rc airplanes fly because as air moves over the wings, a difference in air pressure between the top and bottom of rc airplane is created, causing lift. Increasing the lift we can be done in two ways. The velocity of the air moving over the rc airplane wings can be increased, or the curve of the wing can be steepened.

Do you know that the coaxial design reduces the size of the rc helicopter, so that it can fly indoors. The fixed pitch coaxial design also frees an extra channel of control. If we don’t need the tail rotor to control the direction (yaw or pitch, depending on the application) of the RC helicopter, we can instead mount it in the same direction as the main rotor blades, allowing pitch control of the rc helicopter.

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