Syma 9093 RC Helicopter Video

This is Syma 9093 dragonfly RC Helicopter Video. The syma 9093 dragonfly rc helicopter Width: 100mm, Length: 695mm, Height: 190mm. This is one of great dragonfly rc heli models. The Syma 9093 RC Helicopter features Proportional Controls, Sturdy Lightweight Airframe, Rotor Speed Controls and Altitude, Flight Stabilizing Systems. It comes with remote control assembled and ready to fly straight out of the box! This mini RC helicopter flies over 100 feet high nice and steady, it is so easy! It has the Hughes 300 rc helicopter outer shell for an rc helicopter authentic look.
This electric RC helicopter can move up and down and also spin its tail Left and right and is great for beginners and experts. This electric r/c helicopter is the best quality beginner mini r/c helicopter in the market now-learn more about syma rc helicopter parts. The construction is very sturdy and hovers extremely well. Plus it even has an adjustable gyro! Flight time is about 10 minutes and this r/c helicopter will keep you amazed for hours. Perfect for ages 8-80. You will love this electric rc helicopter!

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