Beginner Rc Helicopter New Tips

I have found some new tips for beginer rc helicopter and newbies. In this rc helicopter article i will list some new rc helicopter tips that i have found recently. I think if we consider to some tips below you will have more knowledge to flying your rc helicopter, especially for beginner rc helicopter.

  • Follow the instruction manual in your beginer rc helicopter box. Read the WHOLE manual, just because it looks done doesn't mean it will keep flying for long.
  • Make sure to check you battery in good condition and have full charge.
  • check your radio frequency, you must sure that you are the one that use the frequency
  • If you have a radio with a lot of switches, make it so that when you start your engine all the switches be one direction. For example, when all my switches are flipped back / up and the throttle is all the way down, my helicopter is ready to be started.
  • Don't forget to put the frequency crystal back into the tx after you've been using it with the CSM Simulator,(since the tx batteries last 10 times longer without the crystal installed) it's a real drag to go to the site and just as you're ready to start-er-up you notice you don't have a crystal in your tx.
  • If you do start your engine and it is near full power the first thing you want to do is pull the fuel line off the carb, then kill the throttle on the tx. You want to get the RPM's down asap to avoid damaging the clutch liner.
  • Always tighten / check the mission critical screws before you fly, especially the ones that control the tail.
  • Make sure your throttle linkages are secure and set to idle before starting your engine, or it may try and get you!
  • If you have one of those short glow starters, don't forget to take it off after you start the engine. Those things get hot when you try and remove them later, and the battery dies too, so that's your last flight if you forget. I tied a plastic ribbon to mine, so that I could see it hanging down if I forgot. I think I need a bigger ribbon though
  • When you are flying with wind, remember that you'll need more power on the down-wind turn (when the wind becomes with you) because while it may look like you have forward flight, really you are just hovering. Hovering takes a LOT more power than forward flight which benifits from transitional lift, so be prepared for it to sink faster than usual in a turn with no wind.
  • When you crash, inventory your heli and make sure you picked up all the pieces, because they're expensive as hell and you can never buy one part of a set.
  • Fly in the safe ways.

I hope some of beginer rc helicopter tips above will help. If you any experience when flying your rc helicopter, you can share your experience in the comment below this article. Thank's



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