Ever see RC Helicopter Fishing yet?

Have you ever see rc helicopter fishing yet?. Heard about rc Heli fishing sound strange one. In this video you will see how someone tries hand at "Heli Fishing".

For you skeptics who say the fish was dead, I assure you it wasn't dead. That said, I still risked my E-Flite Blade 400 for some entertainment for you (I used 3 batteries, hence the cut) as fun and challenging for me. I doubt most others would risk their $450 heli just to hover over the water, let alone dangle a line! This scenario shows it may be possible to use the Helicopter for fishing, however it would be expensive fishing. It is always terribly windy here, so on this calm day, those simple waves in the water was of no concern to a sunfish! It also helps to have lots of fish, like in our Sand Pit Pond where they bite on hooks with no bait! (actually I used fish eggs and the hook 24" from the bobber. Hey, you never know, if you don't try! ***Caution from past experience*** If the Tail rotor hits the water even slightly, it will immediately cause a crash. Big fish can drain batteries fast. It takes and hour to charge between flights of only 6 minutes, so this could be a long process to catch a fish. Sunfish are not big fighters. Fly easy and thanks for watching. I hope you found this entertaining. Be sure to subscribe for more unique stuff from Mr.Herbert's Science Class. and yes, I'm going to try it again, so stay tuned.



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