Micro RC Heli Reviews

micro rc heli imageMicro rc heli reviews for micro rc helicopter flyer. The best way to find best micro rc heli for beginner rc helicopter. There are some micro rc heli that suit for you, just read the entire article..

Some Best Micro RC Heli

- Blade E-flight MCX micro RC helicopter
- Micro Rc Helicopter with LED Lights

In This article we will talk about Micro Rc Helicopter with LED Lights. This is because you can read micro rc heli reviews about Blade mCX rc helicopter in my previous article.

Micro Rc Helicopter with LED Lights Reviews

This is the latest design of micro radio controlled helicopter, easy to flight with light weight frame. I think this micro rc heli is great for indoor rc helicopter flying. About the stability, this micro rc heli equipped with balance bar and single rotor blades.
The rc helicopter price is about $29. You can Flys up and down and in circles...not forward and backwards, about 20 minutes of battery charge for about 8 flight, only about 2 pounds in weight.

In most case, micro rc helis is more durable than other rc helicopter models.

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