Micro Size RC Helicopter

Micro Size RC Helicopter imagesThis is Micro Size Radio Remote Controlled RC Helicopter. One of very tiny rc heli we can find now. People like to name it baby rc heli because it has very tiny in size. This is RTF rc helicopter with charget transmitter, mean the transmitter can be used as charger.

You can perform indoor rc heli flying in the smallest corridor in your home. This is easy to fly micro rc helicopter, all you have to do is simple take out the chopper out of the box, set the battery and you are ready to fly it.

Don't worry about the flight performance, this micro rc heli can soar and you can dive it or just hover it in one can do it all easily. This micro rc helicopter is stable enought to doing all that, and even you can launch it almost everywhere, wheteher it on the floor or on the table. This micro rc helicopter are works for small spaces anywhere in your room. About the price, its about $22.95

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