Air Hog RC Helicopter - Air Hog RC Helicopter

Air Hog RC Helicopter images
This is air hog rc helicopter. The air hog reflex rc helicopter that can perform 6 movement. This is one of cool indoor micro rc helicopter. The airhog reflex rc helicopter is one of best option for your child. You even can get the feel of 6 way control of this micro rc helicopter.

This Air hog rc helicopter about 8 oz in weight and the measure about 6" x 8" x 8". Equipped with 3.7v 250MAh lipo battery and the transmitter used 9v battery.

The air hogs reflex is durable rc helicopter because the fuselage made of crash-resistant ( we can call this crash friendly foam fuselage), and i think this is very durable enough for some crashes. Don't worry about crashing this rc helicopter, because the blade can fold back upon impact that can reduce the mischance of breaking it. I think this is good for beginner rc helicopter that often get crash as they flying.

This micro rc helicopter has twin drive propeller in back and dual rotors on the top that can give you flight stability when performing 6 way movement such as up-down,left-right-back-forward. This air hog rc helicopter has a cool sled landing gear. The air hog micro rc helicopter designed for indoor flying, so anytime you can fly this air hog rc helicopter.

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