Beginner RC Helicopter Guide

Simple beginner rc helicopter guide who never fly rc helicopter before. This is tips flying rc helicopters for beginner. First you must have rc helicopter (rc helicopter buying guide).
  1. Ground Practice : this is ground handling rc helicopter. You must try to feel of the rc helicopter. Make sure your rc helicopter trimmed properly before you fly it. You need a training gear for the first time. The main focus is try to feel of rc helicopter. try to bring up the throttle/collective to the point where the helicopter is just about to lift off the ground but not quite taking to the air yet. As the rc helicopter in this half on the ground, half wanting to lift off phase, move the cyclic control around and see as well as get a feel of how the rc helicopter will react to each control. Try to do this for several times, this will make some adequate felt and understand of all the control.
  2. Hovering rc helicopter : This is the next steps you need to learn after you mastered the step one above. The basic rc helicopter flying is hover. Here is the simple way to hovering rc helicopter :
    **make sure the tail of the rc helicopter is pointing in towards you. Bring up the throttle to the point that the rc helicopter is just about to hover just as you did in the ground exercise. After that, get the rc helicopter as stable as you can get it. After doing that, give it a little more throttle/collective. Just try to make the rc helicopter stable on the ground first before giving it the extra throttle to lift it off the ground. When the rc helicopter starts to lift off the ground, it'll continue to ascend slowly. Bring the throttle down slightly to stabilize it at around 1 foot.
    **Next, Try to keep the rc helicopter hovering in one spot as you can. For the first time, This will be very difficult. Draw on what you have learnt on from the ground exercise. Once you have hovered for around 30 seconds, bring the throttle down just slightly and the rc helicopter will start to slowly descend back to the ground. If you throttle down too fast or your rc helicopter will come crashing down and be damaged.
    **If you have mastered hovering rc helicopter, try to pilot your rc helicopter if different spot.

I think there will be two simple steps for beginner guide to flying rc helicopter as above. Repeat and keep to try to do the above steps for many time and try to understand them. For additional tips, you can try to practice with rc helicopter simulator, this software will help you learn faster.

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