Micro Electric RC Helicopters

Flying RC helicopter is really very stimulating. Its versatility offers one completes pilot RC access to the three-dimensional space in such a way that other machines cannot! I have played RC helicopter for more than a year, but still we found that I have learned some tricks that can realise.

Generally there are two micro rc helicopters (covered) in the RC market. I have already anticipated to buy one of them, since they can fly inside the room and until the takeoff of our hand. Unlike those of gas, electrical these helicopters are very clean and it does not give terrible noise absolutely. In one night, it visited a Web site to me, that is about how to make a hand RC helicopter. I totally was impressed and began to design my own helicopter. Here it is my rc helicopter:

The plan of which the rc helicopter finally had been completed. It is not indicated very well. The present plan is available only for the design of fixed tone. Please, it clicks in the photo arrives for the plan.

Here it is the progress of my work:

* That the main body
* To do of swashplate
* To do of the rotor head
* That the cyclical control system
* That the tail rotor
* The installation of the servo one
* An introduction of the electronic components

Several weeks after completing the first model I described above, begin to change my opinion on a collective pitch rotor head flybarless. The reason for this amendment is very simple. Just to get more stability especially during descent. The tail rotor parts of the PE concept can become a collective pitch rotor head for my helicopter. However, the tail rotor shaft is a little heavier and bigger in size. Therefore, I decided to made a fiberglass circuit board.

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