Honey Bee RC Helicopter

Honey Bee RC Helicopter ImageHoney Bee RC Helicopter is one of the best 4ch rc helicopter of beginner today. The Honey Bee rc helicopter was the best in the quality and most stable and has more powerful of 370 motor.
This rc helicopter has excellent design for indoor rc helicopter flying with easy installation of the servos and has good carbon fibre and flybar.

Honey Bee RC Helicopter Specification
# Main rotor diameter: 520mm
# Weight: 290g
# Length: 510mm
# Hand blade material: plastic
# Power system: 370 motor
# KIT gold rtf: Rtf
# Control mode: normal
# Transmitter: 4CH system
# Mix to control: “4 IN 1” to control (W/gyro, to mix, ESC, receiver)
# Servo: 8g, 1.3kg/CM, 0.13s/60
# Battery: 7.4V-800mAh Li-Po with the U.K. to charge
# Flying radius: ~400m
# Flight time: ~15 minutes

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