how to begin in rc helicopter

How to begin in rc helicopter is famous words by beginner rc helicopter flyer. One great thing is just start in rc helicopter world by your self. So what more should you know about begin in rc helicopter, we have the list of what beginner thought.
Begin in rc helicopter
  1. is it difficult?
    At the present time, the simulators make it possible to start to fly without risk to break! One can make its 1st flight (not all alone in his corner! but with another pilot in all the case!) while knowing already how that will occur! For me the simulator is essential even thereafter (stunt-flying, 3D…). Choosing the right rc helicopter for beginner is important too.
  2. it is the plane harder than?
    It is not harder but I would say a little longer… It is necessary well to say myself than it is not with the 1st flight than one will make a loop or a barrel! But which pleasure of making the stationary one in a radius of 10 meter around would b
  3. is it expensive?
    The price is more and more low without to buy a m… One can start in thermics or electric (on the other hand in my opinion, for the electric one, it is to have knowledge in electric propulsion better or to know a pilot which flies with the same configuration…).

    According to the budget, one begins with a class 30-39 style Raptor, Shuttle, Sceadu, Caliber… (I council the raptor 30 or to see one 50…) what is important it is D `to have the parts easily. Some will say it to you is me stable that one 60… but the budget is not the same one either!!! Thus if you have an bank account filled well, you can start into 60, if not one 30-39 is largely enough!
  4. where to buy my 1st helicopter? Just go to hobby shop, we have a great tips for you about buy rc helicopter.
  5. where to find more infos to begin? You can go to nearest rc helicopter club or join rc helicopter forum or you can go to your local hobby shop or read my other article for beginner rc helicopter and you can subscribe to rc helicopter magazine.

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