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A lot of thing that you can find in rc forum such as rc helicopter forum if you're rc helicopters pilot. There are a lot of things that maybe you want to know moreover if you are rc helicopter beginner, if you get some problems with your rc helicopter or found something that you don't know from your rc helicopter before. The answer is join some rc helicopter forum. Just simply join some rc helicopter forums , such as rc helicopter forum uk or rc helicopter forum australia. There are a lot rc helicopter forum out there that you can follow.

RC Helicopter Forum List:
This one of great rc helicopter forum on internet. In this rc helicopter forum there are some forum in it. When i check this rc helicopter forum, there are total of 374557 articles / We have 47590 registered users. You must register first to post a comment. There are some rc helicopter forum in it, there are T Rex Range, Esky RC Helicopters, Flight Simulators and expert advice and video's, Walkera RC Helicopters , 3DX/HDX Helicopters, More RC Electric helicopters, Heli Cameras, Helicopter Electronics. Gyros, Brushless motors, ESC, servos, and battery chargers, etc and I am a Total Beginner & I am Totally Confused & I want Answers Now!! .

When in visite this rc helicopter forum, there are 790 online(maybe there are 790 user online) and in the main discussion section, there are 588389 posts.

This is one of great rc helicopter forum too. You can just in the Electric RC helis section only, there are 330288 posts. Even you can share and upload your own rc helicopters videos in section for free, you can upload your rc helicopters videos up to 100MB per file.

In this rc helicopter forum there are Today's Birthdays section too( you can find this section in forum too). when i visite this rc helicopter forum, there are Threads: 4,953, Posts: 26,386, Members: 5,554 but there are Most users ever online was 2,239, 12-30-2007 at 10:39 PM. There are some main section in this rc helicopter forum, each section coontains specific case, there are RC Helicopter Fever, Nitro RC Helicopters, Electric RC Helicopters, Simulators and real Helis, but there are still some rc helicopters forum in it. When i make this post, here are the statistics: Threads: 4,988, Posts: 26,468, Members: 5,553

This is Beginner's Forum for RC Helicopters, Airplanes & Cars!. Just watch the RC Helicopter Beginner's Forum section. When i make this post, here are the statistics: 130015 Posts in 17544 Topics by 14120 Members.

All Things RC Heli Discussion Forum. There are a lot of main discussion forum here such as RC Helicopter Flight Simulators, Flybarless RC Helicopters and Retired RC Helicopters. The other discussion is about Electric RC Helicopters, Nitro, Gasser's & Turbine RC Helicopters, and Electronics / Batteries & Charging. When i make this post, here are the helirush statistics: Total posts 1589 • Total topics 648 • Total members 820

In the Rc Helicopters discussion, there are some forums such as : Painting and Airbrushing Tips / Techniques, Contest Flying, Newbies: Tips and Information and many more. The other forums is R/C Helicopter Support(a lot of talk about align trex rc helicopter), R/C Electronics Support, R/C Batteries and Charging Support, R/C Simulators Support, R/C Airplanes Info and Support, R/C Car and Truck Info and Support, For Sale/Want to Buy - KNOW who you are buying from!, and Rules, Support and Testing. When i make this post here are the HeliFreak statistics: Threads: 185,970, Posts: 1,833,292, Members: 102,154

Now you know some rc helicopter forum out there, if you have some problem such about gas rc helicopters or any other rc helicopter problems, just ask it in the forums above. There still a lot rc helicopter forum. Most of them required to register to join in. You must read each rc helicopter forum rules carefully.

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