What Should I fly, neither RC Airplanes or RC Helicopters

Have you doubt about what should you fly?
What should i fly either Rc airplanes or Rc helicopters?
Many beginner commonly have the same problem, they doubt about what shouls they
fly first. Then There are many choises about the model to choose. Maybe they have some problem with this again. Let me say, that we should fly the right model. If we talk about this case, maybe we can look this in the difficulty first. In general fly rc helicopters have more difficult than the rc airplanes. But they both are RC too, they must be controlled by using rc transmitter.

About the rc transmitter, commonly the rc helicopters have more channels than rc helicopters. The rc transmitter channel indicate about the complexity of control. For instance, if we have 3 channels , we can control the control surface like the fin(directional),rudder(up-down),throttle(power). These control surface have different way in how to control it. If we want to control the fin, we will control the directional axis, you can make the rc airplanes turn right or left, but if you control the rudder, your rc airplanes will turn up or down, but the up or down must control the trhottle together also. We need a sufficient power to make a turn like up and down.

If we talk about the choise of rc model, we are talk about the complexity of control as talk above. That There are more control surface in rc helicopters than rc airplanes. Some expert says that if you be able to control the rc helicopters so you do so in rc airplanes. Maybe they consider about the complexity of control too. The rc helicopters usually have more than 6 channels, but the rc airplanes have only 4-5 channels. From the channels uses, we just can say that that must be more difficult to control the rc helicopters.

As the beginner in rc model, they should determine about the rc class. They can choose either rc airplanes(fixed wings) class or rc helicopters(rotary wings). They both are good for beginner. The next steps is the model uses. Both rc fixed wing and rc helicopters are have a special model for beginner. In this case we don't talk about the control complexity between rc airplanes and rc helicopters because we have determined it before whether rc airplanes or rc helicopters.

The conclutions, actually there are no doubt about what rc model to fly first as beginner, either rc airplanes or rc helicopters. They both are rc too. The different are just about the control surface(channel uses). I suggest that you are confident with what your choose. Both rc airplanes and rc helicopters are have a beginner model, this model are good as the fisrt flight(maiden flight), so the model are not for the advanced flyer.

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