Top Five Reasons to Fly Electric RC Helicopters

If you are having any doubts as to why you should be flying Electric RC Helicopters, here are my top five reasons you should switch, (or start out, as the case may be!) flying Electric RC helicopters instead of gas. RC helicopters are a fascinating hobby, one that captures the imagination of young and old alike, a hobby that engages both the imagination as well as fine motor skills. So here, without further ado, are my top five reasons to fly electric RC helicopters!

They Don't Pollute and Tick People Off! - Unlike their gas counterparts, electric RC helicopters are quiet, environmentally clean, and don't require you to have to join a flying club and go to fly at particular places and at certain times. With electric RC helicopters they are seldom limited as to where and when you can fly. Even your living room!

No Arduous Maintenance - Gas helicopters force you to maintain a number of mechanisms regarding the engine and flight operations. Maintaining a gas engine has its issues, but with an electric RC helicopter, these issues are mostly a thing of the past. These craft are lighter, smaller, and can survive most crashes with no problems. No more hauling gas and oil, as well as an extensive toolkit to fly your bird!

They Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand! - Well, some of them! They can range in size from the micro models to as large as some of the larger gas models, and they are easily able to not only fly indoors, but are a snap to transport anywhere you'd like to.

Easy to Fly - Unlike gas RC helicopters, which often are at best temperamental, and at worst, often decide to stall out in mid-air, leaving your expensive model to come crashing to an ignoble end on the ground. Gas models also require constant attention if you wan them to run without a hitch, and are very subject to less than ideal weather conditions. Electric RC helicopters, on the other hand, are incredibly reliable, almost never quit in the air, and the motors need next to no tinkering with.

They're Less Expensive! - Usually by a lot! Gas RC helicopters and their phalanx of accessories can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars, whereas electric RC helicopters usually come in under a couple hundred bucks. Moreover, they often comes RTF (ready to fly) and can have you up and flying in a matter of minutes.

There you have it! My top five reasons why you should fly electric RC helicopters instead of gas. I'm sure I could think of some more, but I need to go flying!

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