RC Electric Electric Extra 330S

Have you ever fly rc electric airplanes that can do stunts?
The Electric Ectra 330S is the answer. Performance equals fun — and the Extra 330S EP ARF offers plenty of both! What's more, performance can be tailored to the pilot's preference with different brushless motors.
Drop in an in-runner and a gear drive, and it's an easy way to enjoy everything from simple flying to spirited aerobatics.
Opt for an out-runner, and it's a 3D thriller, ready for an afternoon of torque rolls, waterfalls, and harriers.
And best of all, pilots can have the performance they want after just 6-8 hours of simple, straightforward assembly!

Here are some the great from electric Extra 330S :
* Great for the flying field, or for small fields and spur-of-the-moment flying sessions. Flies like a big plane, but fits easily in the back seat!
* Offers a kit-quality look of the air show classic — and brushless performance with out-runner or in-runner motors!
* Capable of everything from high-alpha 3D stunts to low-stress sport flying. Stable and predictable at high speeds, low speeds and everything in-between.
* Short, straight linkages enhance fast, strong response. Exterior mounts for aileron, elevator and rudder servos simplify installation and speed adjustments.

Flying rc airplanes aspecially rc electric model is very interesting and some times we got fun from it.One of the great Extra electric rc airplane is come from Greap PLanes manufacture, i think this is use for the beginner before they fly The Giant -Scale Extra 330S.
The Extra 330S is designed to provide the best in brushless power, whether that's a RimFire™ out-runner motor or Ammo™ in-runner motor and gear drive. Parts for mounting both included.
Stock Number: GPMA1543
Wingspan: 41 in (1035 mm)
Wing Area: 337 in² (21.8 dm²)
Weight: 27-31 oz (765-880 g)
Wing Loading: 11.5-13.2 oz sq/ft (35-40 g/dm²)
Length: 40 in (1015 mm)
Requires: 4+ channel radio w/4 micro servos, 1250kV out-runner brushless motor (or 3790kV in-runner brushless motor and 24 mm gear drive), 35A brushless ESC, 11.1V 1250-2100mAh LiPo battery& prop.

Want to View the video clip:
17.0MB, 2.6MB, 4.7MB

If you want to see the plans, i think we can find in many places on the internet for electric extra 330S
but in here i will show you, that i have on for it. I find it from, if you want it, grab it here.

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