Good RC Airplanes Flying

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Have ever feel that you are the best rc airplanes pilot in the world?

What do you know about flying your rc airplanes in champs?
Do you ever flying alone/solo?
Do you build your rc airplanes your self?
Have you ever ask somebody about rc airplanes, cause maybe you feel don't understand about some thing in your rc airplanes?
What is mean rc airplanes to you?
Do you know why you can your rc airplanes like now?
Why you fly your rc airplanes?
Have you ever got crash with your rc airplanes?
How do you fixs your rc airplanes if your rc airplanes got crash?
Are you rc airplanes maniac?
Why you maniac with your rc airplanes?
Have you ever get something big by flying your rc airplanes?
What about your daily activity beside flying your rc airplanes?
Do you hope something big will happen by flying your rc airplanes?

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