How if your rc airplanes going crash ?

No body wants to get crash in their rc airplanes. Have you some intuitive about where and how your rc airplanes will get crash?..
I think no body wants it. Get crash with your rc airplanes some times make some rc airplanes pilot get mad or angry or feel something that never and can't be express...

Just like another day, you flying your rc airplanes like usually,..check the battery,...fill enough fuels and check your rc radio frequency...
then you fly it...
But sometimes there are suddenly something wrong in your can't handle it...then it going to crash your rc airplanes. Maybe if know before, that you will get crash with your rc airplanes in that flight,..maybe you wouldn't fly in that day!
By writing this rc airplanes article...actually i can't tell much about this kind of rc accident. I just want to say that ..i'm sorry to hear that...
Maybe you will get more luck next time..keep to be patient and try to find what make this all going wrong.
As what i say body wants to get crash with their rc airplanes model, so if this all is happen,...the good ways is try to find and get some experience or maybe some knowledge in it. Just Don't Worry, Be Happy!

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