RC Flight Simulators

If there is an area where RC has advanced dramatically, it is in simulators. RC flight simulators used to be cheesy, but now are outstanding.

A Remote Control flight simulator is a computer software program in a video game format that allows you to replicate the feeling of flying an actual RC model airplane on your PC. The idea of flight simulation computer games was developed with some of the earliest gaming computers. The early flight simulators were not useful for RC training because the programs and graphics were still rather primitive.

The recent increased capacity for gaming and graphic reproductions as well as the more wide spread availability of Personal computers has led to a surge in the production and sales of flight simulator programs designed to simulate remote controlled flight. The best programs use a transmitter that is the same as the one used in actual flight situations. The transmitter is connected to the computer via a USB cable. Signals from the transmitter operate the simulated plane in the gaming display on the monitor exactly as a RC model would respond in actual flight.

The training possibilities are what make the flight simulator much more than just another computer game. The ability to simulate the exact conditions and feel of a real RC model plane allows a person to perfect his flying skills on the simulator without risk to his expensive actual RC model. The simple basic landing and takeoffs can be practiced until they can be done perfectly. The more advanced maneuvers can be practiced again and again until perfection is achieved. Then you are ready to try them out with a real plane.

Some of the better simulator programs include the Great Planes Realflight G3.5. It is considered by many to be the best software available. The G3.5 has several expansion modules that can be used with the basic program. This gives a person a wide choice of airplane types and graphic backgrounds. The Aerofly Pro Deluxe RC Flight simulator is another highly rated choice. It is possible to adapt your own transmitter for use with the software which gives an exact reproduction of the feel of the controls.

A third highly rated software program is the Reflex XTR. One of the features of these high quality flight simulators is the ability to reproduce not only various flying environments, but also weather and visibility conditions. Some can reproduce night flying or simulate out of sight control of the aircraft when it flies behind an object and out of line of sight. Most Hobby Shops that sell RC vehicles will carry the RC flight simulators or have information on how to obtain them. As the motto of one highly rated flight simulator promises, first they will teach you how to fly an RC model plane and then they will make you an expert.

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