RC Airplanes - Frequently Asked Questions and Information

1. I didn't know that you could put an electric motor and batteries in rc airplanes. Isn't that kind of heavy?

rc airplanes - modern and classicModern NiCd batteries are pretty amazing! You can charge them in 15 minutes, take power out of them at up to 50 amps or so, and do it all day. That capability is what makes electric flight possible. Electric power can be used for any kind of flying gliders, aerobatics, even racing. It's an excellent choice for sport flying.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric flight compared to wet power?

Electric power systems are heavier for a given power output. This means that rc airplanes must be built lighter, which may be more challenging (especially for the beginner). That's really the only significant disadvantage. The big advantages are that electrics are quiet and clean. They are also much less expensive and in my opinion, easier to get involved with. To me, there is nothing like electric flight. The biggest advantage of all is that electric flight is unusual and interesting.


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