Rc Airplanes Are Cheaper Than Getting Flying Lessons And Way More Fun

Mankind is now able to fly! During the last century, many new airplanes and engines have been developed and today people have even gone to such an extent of flying planes for fun. These are commonly known as RC airplanes, Building and flying an RC airplane is now a very popular pass time and you will realize that theres never gonna be an easier time to just get started.

I guess someone somewhere would have told you that you need an instructor to teach you how to fly RC airplanes. Dont believe it! You dont need an instructor if you choose the right airplane to start with, and there are plenty of true "beginner" airplanes, it will be like riding a bike only not on the floor but in the sky!

Create a budget. A beginning model flyer should always be on the cheaper side; you can go for a better one when you get more experienced.

The Soarstar is a good, all-around rc plane to start your training with. It is very stable and totally made out of foam, and is fairly easy to repair with Elmer's glue, if it gets damaged. It has a pusher prop setup; which protects the prop from damage during hard landings. Also a Northeast Sailplane Husky has a fair amount of dihedral, and is a good trainer Aircraft.

These are some popular RC Planes available:

Plated' F-84G Thunderbirds Model Airplanes Tamiya

RCAFUN' DHC Caribou Transport Model rc airplanes

'Snowbirds' Tutor Multi Role Jet Model Airplanes

starjets 1:500 US Airways Airbus 330-300

Herpa 1:500 United Express Canadair jet CRJ-200

GeminiJets 1:400 Piedmont YS-11

Skyliner, FreedomFlyer, USS Los Angeles, Fantail flyer, Nitro Air Strike are some of the best known brands available today.

What Types Are Available?

Electric RC airplanes provide you with the easiest and quickest way of getting started, their affordable prices and availability make them a great attraction for any budding pilot!

Gas RC airplanes give you a bigger reward than electric planes, although they need to be taken a bit more seriously.

Mini RC airplanes are a great concept for indoor flying enthusiasts using normal indoor model planes, different kits modify them to take on the new breed of micro servos, receivers, battery packs and motors.

Micro RC airplanes ('micro flyers') are starting to appear in a lot of hobby stores, the reason is that radio control components are becoming smaller, lighter and cheaper to produce.

Youngsters should be accompanied by adults when flying scale models. The fuels used can be volatile, and the propellers spin fast enough to injure a finger or the hands.

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