4CH Electric Powered RC Airplane 'Wing Dragon Sportster' (JD-PE3301SA)

4CH Electric Powered RC Airplane 'Wing Dragon Sportster' (JD-PE3301SA)
The Wing Dragon Sportster is the perfect introduction to 4ch flying and perfect for people looking to progress from an entry level plane to an intermediate. You have full control of ailerons, rudder, elevator and proportional throttle control, all from the included 4 channel F.M. 2 stick radio with a super long 1500 foot range. The model has been designed though to make the transition from a 2ch or 3ch plane to a 4ch as easy as possible with super stable and easy flight. The plane is stronger than other planes on the market as it is made from plastic instead of the usual polystyrene material. Included in the package is even a flight simulator and helpful training video cd that is very useful when learning.

Powered by a 480 high torque motor and 20 amp speed control, flight speeds of 30 mph are easily attainable. The powerful speed 480 ensures good climb outs and responsive aerobatic flight control. Another reason why this is the best choice to learn 4ch flying on is that it features a Tough polypropylene plastic fuselage that is virtually unbreakable and all the electronics come pre-installed. Assembles in 15 minutes and no tools needed to get plane into the air. The included high powered 8 cell 1000 mah Nickel Metal Hydride batteries allow for a super long 16 minutes of flight time with enough power to spare.

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Speed 400 motor

Speed controller

2 mini servos

3ch radio

8.4v/1000mah Nimh battery

Wall charger

Wingspan: 1080mm

Length: 860mm

Weight: 520g

Flight time: >15min

Flight altitude: >900feet

Flight distance: >1500feet in the sky.

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