How To fly your rc airplanes with save?

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Are you fly your rc airplanes in save way?
Here i will tell you some tips that you must consider about, i think my tips here is not enough for you, so i'm sorry.
If you have new rc airplanes, or you just buy rc airplanes in ARF, so you only need to make it in simple way. It's important to know whether your rc airplanes is in good conditions or not. Before you fly your new rc airplanes model, i suggest that you fly with flight model simulator(FMS), you can get it for free or puchased

You need to check you rc airplanes fuselage or the wing and the tail, make sure it all in good conditions.
Let's take a look about the radio, your radio or rc airplanes transmitter is the vital thing, without it you can't control your rc airplanes movement. You need to check the radio frequency to ensure that there are same other frequency with yours in your ranges and also make sure that your rc battery is in good condition with full charges before.
After that, if you used electric rc airplanes you need to check your motor condition but if you used glow engine please check your fuel, make sure that there no some thing that can make your engine dirt or close your engine ventury, your fuels must be clean. Before you fly your rc airplanes or your rc helicopters, especially in rc airplanes, you should run your rc airplanes in ground, you can do some taxy or any other, by doing that, you actually can make sure that your control from your rc stick is good enough for some action you want from your rc airplanes model.

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