This article is about RC. RC stand for Radio Controlled. In the world of aeromodelling, there are alot of thing that can we learn. For instance, you can learn about the aerodynamics.
Beside that, we can learn the nature, we like back to the nature. Nature is very important to us, and aeromodelling too, our model airplane can fly away in the sky because there are some thing in the nature that help that, i mean that without nature we can't fly away our model airplane.
Aeromodelling is where people can do the big plane (commecials and army pilots) can't do. For example, our model can fly many maneuvers that very difficult to doing by the commercials and army plane (the real plane that can we in).

Some of the aeromodelling class is RC models. RC model or Radio Control models is a model that use radio to control the models, of course we need the receiver too. The RC are need some thing to transmit some command to doing by the model airplane, it's caller the ether, and need the frequency to control the models. The frequencies that use by the Radio Control models are a lot. there are from 27 MHz to maybe 72MHz. The radio frequency is very important to the RC class, because if some of the aeromodeller flying their RC model use the same frequencie, there will be some error, there will be a lot difficulity to control their models, because it's frequencie are crash. So we must avoid using same frequencie with other aeromodeller in the near place.

If we doing RC class, we will be face some models, and what models should we use? For the beginner we recommend to use trainer models, we can use spark plug engine or electric models. Both are same in the controlling (only trainer), the difference are maybe some power less for the electric lodel or if we use electric model or in oter word RC electric models we must charge the battery maybe in some long flight (see the manual instructions).And for the beginner you should use more thar three channels transmitter, because it have the advantage, we can use the transmitter again if we have already to go to the next level of flight, the are 3 levels in RC class in commons, there are beginner, then intermediate and the last is expert or advanced. each level have it's maneuvers that will be more difficult in the next levels. So because that case, we should use more useful transmitter to controllable the model airplane.

For the beginner we recommend you to buy the ARF model or Almost Ready to Fly, we only joing the part of the model airplane as shown as the manual plan. You can choose rc helicopter or rc airplanes with outdoor/indoor flying. So we can let's fly after that. Some tips for you again, don't fly alone if you just stared your first flight, always is charge of the instructor and keep flying safety. If you want to know more about Radio Control model , visit this

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