PNP RC Airplanes

PNP mean Plug and play. There are many PNP rc airplanes now. Some people called it ad hybrid model, this mean the PNp rc airplanes are somewhere between RTF (Ready To Fly) and ARF (Almost Ready to Fly). So What actually PNP rc airplanes ?
If you buy PNP rc airplanes, in most case you will get some rc parts such as the motor, ESC if electric, and some of the radio gear installed but is missing the transmitter, receiver and motor battery pack (& charger). Actually it just like RTF rc airplanes, because it comes 99% assembled. So you still need to supply your own transmitter, receiver and battery pack. I think pnp rc airplanes is good for rc airplane beginner too.

About the PNp manufactures, such as ParkZone, E-flite and Hanger 9 are the principle brands offering PNP airplanes, here are some the list of the rc model:

ParkZone: J3 Cub,Super Decathlon Brushless E-flite Apprentice PNP,Radian powered glider,T-28D Trojan,Corsair,Messerschmitt ME Bf109G and Habu EDF
E-flite:Mini Pulse,4-Site,Ascent powered glider and Alpha 450
For more detailde model, you can go to the certain site above.



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