RC Airplanes-Flying safely

RC Airplanes is amazing.How wonder if we stare up in the sky, you will see a wide area outstretched. Your rc airplanes is the way to explore it.Many years ago people dreaming to fly just like a bird, but now what about rc airplanes?..because if you flying rc airplanes you can't fly in your airplanes because it's just rc airplanes model, so what do you think about it?
If you asked me to answer the question above, my aswer is i love flying rc airplanes and another is i don't know why. Back to the article topic above, about safely flying with your rc airplanes. If we flying we must consider about flying safely. I think there was a challenge to fly how to fly. Some people told that patience and practice fly rc airplanes is the key, we should learn how to fly rc airplanes, how to control it as well.
When you can flying and have a good control of you rc airplanes, i think it's the best time to more care about how to safe flying. As we know although if our rc airplane got crash, the pilot is not get hurt, except you bewail your rc airplanes crash. Maybe our rc airplanes crash when we flying is something that can't be avoid but we can minimize it only. Here are some of the checklist about safe flying your in rc airplanes :
1. rc radio range : this will impact in how far you can control your rc airplanes.
2. rc battery : long life battery is neded here, more good quality you get more good in price. You must have a good care of your rc battery( see the manual). The battery durability will impact to your rc airplanes flying time(especially you use electric motor) and controling time and rc radio range too (in your rc radio).
3. radio frequency : make sure that there are no same radio frequency when you flying your rc airplanes.
4. never flying rc airplanes near the vehicles park
5. keep fly your rc airplanes in your sight, although you have a good radio signal, but how you control your rc airplane in certain direction when you can't determine your rc airplanes direction?
And the last thing is just concentrate with you rc airplanes model, it's important when you flying with many rc airplanes model together, some beginner rc airplanes pilot are sometime lose control with their rc airplanes and even air crash.



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